Saturday, September 11, 2010

Varieties In Lathe Turning Machines

Lathe change process group of raw materials are cut, knurled and disability Lathes materials of metal, glass and wood into objects, turning into the symmetry axis. It is used in making pottery. Good material and is known by turning the key switch. Objects can occur with turning stand candle holder, bowl, baseball bats, music and more.

Lathe is in the highest category below

Woodworking lathes.
Does not change only as a tool in the production of wood materials in machine woodworking, wood lathes replace these spin found in many shapes and sizes. It is used most often as small tables and large lathes lathes free standing or fastened to the ground on two of the woodworking lathes.

Turning Lathe
Spindle: often used to create long objects such as table legs. To begin the process of converting raw materials to finished items have been resolved by the parties of the first headstock lathe axis and the second is in the tail stock. Open the motor axis or foot pedal to start movement.

Faceplate Change: lathes used in the production of materials such as wood lathes bowl a piece of wood raw material in the faceplate will follow the axis of the headstock lathe woodworking.

lathes metal
We cut wood lathes used form part of the wood used. (Semi) metal object used for shaping metal parts to form various objects. Hard metal tools to shape it very hard and difficult to form and mold cutting tools are attached to solid, hard to move the installation; This then rubbed on the parts that had a variety of tools such as diamond sphere, lathes squares and triangles some are still running under the computer to produce many manual lathes parts, metal Employment strange and increasing demands for each

Glass working lathes.
Glass working lathes is quite similar in design. But differ in how they work. He slowly rotating part while running and temperature will be controlled by a flame under a piece of glass as the light while working in glass piece is held firmly on both sides, and rotate simultaneously; Then form the heat or air in the glass.

Diamond spin control computer But only last diamond cut diamond is a diamond shape very closely.

Start with very little diversity. But with the help of latest technology, you have many, such as: Q lathes, lathes lathes metal lathes smoothies change lathes lathes open reduction and watchmaker This type allows us to easily produce different types and does not take much time.

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