Saturday, September 25, 2010

CNC lathes cut cycle times

CNC Lathe
Wellington in the engineering of Hayes Middlesex, England, a contractor for medical services, automotive and general engineering industries. It is constantly producing a wide range of components in relatively small batches and for much of the hard work they live in open lathes Colchester.

Store four lathes Colch ester - Second that Combi K2 and Tornado 220 M. Combi, a handbook / lathe chucking type combined it with both manual and CNC lathe by Daimon Wellington, Managing Director of the Wellington, machine is suitable for batches shop. to 10 parts, precision and flexibility for optimizing the use of machinery to spread the work.

CNC Machine Lathe
Combi programming is done in various ways. These include easy to read digital data on the screen - CAM - based; handwheel, electronic teaching and reproduce; Cut and paste; Traditional G - code and direct numerical control.

Because of the Combi 400 mm swing over - the - bed, Wellington tend to use it for parts up to 203 mm in diameter and between 5 and 10 batches of the work associated with aluminum parts. Alloy - machining with tolerances as tight as 0.02 mm piece includes the head bearings for device simulation motorsports that Combi production after the program and use the first one in less than 45 minutes under full CNC.

Tornado 220 M of Wellingtons are CNC 3-axis machining with six stations and 65 mm barfeed powered tools which enable companies to produce parts of complex turn mill in the same settings. For one element, turning off transfer to the center part of machinery for drilling results have dropped 40% in production cycles.

Tornado properties in bed 510 mm swing, full C axis with disc brake and the drive axis 22 kW 3.7 kW at the engine that drives the lathe Fanuc 21iTB control software package, including the speed of programming. on CAM

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