Monday, September 13, 2010

How to use grinding surface machine

Light ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, hard plastics and other precision parts finished, remove the burrs, chamfering, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding
Work at once.
irregular-shaped parts, holes, pipes, corners, cracks and other Jieke grinding.
processing speed, ease of operation safety, low cost, without any supplies.
finished products after processing will not deformation, not damage the surface, will not affect the accuracy.
complete models, special models can be designed.

Surface Grinding Machine
Precision grinding to remove burrs.
polished gold industry to clean the work.
finished surface polished.
remove the oxidized film work.
rust removal treatment.
sintering traces of handling.
For industry products:
take heart, take the knife, CNC automatic lathe parts.
Precision Spring, shrapnel parts.
zinc, aluminum die casting parts.
aerospace, medical parts.
precision stamping parts.
electronics, computer, communications components.

- grinding speed, grinding time, the average time is about 3 minutes to 20 minutes or so, replace the work fast and can run the machine to replace Surface grinding machine easy, perfectly safe, totally free technology, a person can operate several machines.

- low cost, stainless steel needle for the semi-permanent grinding material consumption is very low, the only supplies for the slurry.

- pollution, with 90% of the slurry is water, it is non-toxic and the risk of fire, full compliance with environmental emissions standards.

- grinding is completed, the work of a good deal, available sieve, sieve tube or separator easily separated parts and stainless steel needle.

- electronics, computers, communications components.

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