Monday, October 18, 2010

The first station mechanical axis CNC milling and boring machine passed the acceptance

The Chi Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for research and development of China's first core Ssang Yong mobile portal, CNC milling machine through state China Machinery Industry Federation and the State Council Three Gorges board construction equipment manufacturing three engineering team critical review late last month the Liaoning Anshan Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. jointly organized a five-axis CNC products. Limited meeting, evaluation and demonstration

Second, the economic success of this machine has been set XKV2745 × 200 CNC Milling boring and, breaking the monopoly of the technology overseas to solve the country needed to produce electricity industry large blade processing equipment problems.

CNC Milling Machine
Previously produced in five-axis CNC machine tools we are to the spindle axis of torque the head to be smaller is mainly used for small parts, machinery, non-ferrous metals. Blade pump large propeller boat, propeller airplane propeller open the high-precision pump dies and parts of other computing diameter large area processing allowances and other takes are high torque. mechanical drive type high-five. Axis Milling head linkages. However, this delivery mechanical axis of the core technology only five German, French, Italian and a few developed countries and major

Currently China's large facilities hydroelectric power, transportation equipment, water, paddle boats Bora cars, complex precision texture wrapping heavy investment of the state focused on the South, Conservancy three water Gorges, gas equipment as an important part of natural process. Machine tools that are urgently needed. In particular, the processing of large blade it all depends on imported equipment and the needs of the domestic market is huge.

Therefore, developed with independent intellectual property right of transmission devices, mechanical axis CNC milling machine, the most important.

In 2006, commissioned by the State Construction Committee of the Three Gorges, is considered a set of development tools, Jinan first major task of the project. Them more to resolve technical problems, fighting, and finally developed. Less than products Bianjiang year delivered to the user heavy equipment Angang Corporation This set of products with advanced features, weight, cut a five-axis for the use of machinery with precision the complex three-dimensional surface to be machined on. improved accuracy and surface finishes to reduce or cancel orders after grinding in order to hand. Problem solving and higher productivity. But also improve the accuracy of the cases the problems have to do to meet China's Three Gorges project and the production of electricity at major shipbuilding, military industry needs without relying on foreign

China Machinery Industry Federation Special Adviser to Mr. Lu called this project started in May 2006 lasted three years, the year was very good. Jinan two brave to take on this difficult task, and Angang Heavy Machinery Co., the first brave "to eat crab" The success of these two major projects at key

Angang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Chairman Chao Bi - Zhi, machine tools over the past year than the past performance of the equipment leaves the integrity of the entire process leaves the water to break the bottleneck for the development of hydropower in China plays an important role.

Dongfang Electrical Machinery Company Limited Deputy Governor Zhang Tiande said camera head CNC Milling, torque, low speed, high technical content is a big step forward. He believed it to China hydropower industry, ship industry, including the construction of the defense industry will play an important role.

China Machinery Industry Federation Special Adviser to Mr. Lu, the State Council Three Gorges Office of the construction of technology, equipment and Huang Ling, vice director of China Machinery Industry Federation, the Director of Technology Li Dongru as well as from research institutes. and electricity, heavy machinery and other industry experts, who use more than 80 people joined the demonstrations.

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