Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Lathe operations?

The wheel, of course, is based around. Besides making several transactions can be performed on a lathe.
Boring : Boring is always the extension of an existing hole, possibly through an exercise can be done or the result of a core in one piece. Equally important and at the same time, the objective can be boring, make the hole concentric with the axis of rotation of the workpiece and thus no eccentricity, correct abortions performed with the drill from the midline. The rotation is an important attribute of the holes. If it's boring made on a lathe, generally, the work is done on a plate or in a front panel. Holes can be drilled, straight, tapered or irregular contours. Boredom is essentially boring, while feeding the tool parallel to the axis of rotation of the workpiece.

Lathe operations
Facing : Compared to produce a flat surface as a result of a tool is fed through the end of the piece in rotation. Unless the employment is maintained on a mandrel, must be overcome if both ends of the work should be turned end for end after the final closed first and before repeating the operation. The cutting speed should be determined by the largest diameter of the surface facing. Front can be performed either from outside to inside or from inside to outside. In any case, the number of the tool is placed exactly at the center of rotation. because the cutting force tends to push the tool away from work, it is usually necessary to prevent the car around the bed when you look at IDC's technology to avoid slipping and so light a surface that is not producing planes. In the wake of pig iron or other materials that have a hard surface, which should be sufficient depth of the first cut in order to penetrate the hard material to prevent excessive wear of the tool.

Parting : Parting is the process by which a portion of a workpiece from the rest by a cut of the cutting tool. Since the cutting tools are very thin and has considerable slope, this process is not as precise and difficult. The tool should be clearly defined at the height of the axis of rotation should be kept sharp, have adequate space angles and used in the workpiece in a proper and uniform feeding.

Threading : Lathe, if the first method for cutting the threads of the machines. Although most of the threads are now produced by other methods, turning machines remains the most versatile and fundamentally simple method. Therefore, they often can cut the strings on specific parts, where no configuration or standard size used less expensive methods. There are two basic requirements for thread cutting. One is in the form accurately and correctly mounted thread cutting tool is necessary as a way of reducing the transaction. The resulting thread profile is relatively determined by the shape of the tool and its position in the workpiece. The second condition is that the tool in the longitudinal direction to advance a particular relationship with the rotation of the workpiece should be, because it determines the direction of the thread. This requirement is met through the use of thread and party unity, the positive movement for transportation in connection with the rotation axis.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is turning machine?

As results from the operation, the machining of cylindrical parts. In its simplest form can be defined as the transformation of an outer surface :

- With a single point cutting tool and
-With the cutting tool parallel to the axis of the feed workpiece distance, the outer surface of the work.

Taper turning is almost the same except that the path is cut at an angle with the axis of the work. It is also the transformation of contour, the distance between the knife shaft work varied to produce the desired shape.

Turning Machine
Even if you do not specify a single point tool, it does not exclude it, multiple configurations of the tool, which are often used in rotation. In the settings, each tool operates independently as a single point cutter.

Factors adjustable cutting force in the transformation of

The three most important factors in a basic turning operation are speed, feed and depth of cut. Other factors such as type of material and type of tool is a great influence, of course, but these three are the ones who can change the operator by adjusting the controls right on the machine.

The speed, always refers to the axis and the workpiece. If it is in revolutions per minute (rpm), tells the specified speed. But the important number for a transaction of money mentioned, the surface velocity or speed with which material workpeece moving beyond the cutting tool. It is simply the product of the speed the size (in feet) of the piece before you start cutting. It is at the feet of the surface engineering per minute (SFPM), expressed, and refers only to the workpiece. Any other diameters on a workpiece cutting speed will have a different, but the rate remains the same.

RSS, always refers to the cutting tool, and is the pace at which the tool along the cutting path. Most Power-FED lathes, the feed rate is directly related to spindle speed and is in inches (the tool in advance) by revolution (the root) or intellectual property rights, he said. The figure, of course, usually much less than an inch and is displayed as a decimal value.

Depth of cut is virtually self-explanatory. Is the thickness of the layer against the workpiece or the distance from the uncut surface of the work away from the cutting surface, expressed in inches. Importantly, however, that the diameter of the workpiece by a smaller reduction than twice the depth, since this layer is removed from both sides of the work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NC Machine Method

These methods are known as a procedure for NC. The program is part of the machining process competently and also has the program was designed for the numerical control. It is the position of his to plan the sequence of steps that are performed for the treatment of NC, and recorded in a special format.

There are two ways to program the CNC control

- Manual Part Programming
- Computer Aided Programming

NC Machine
With manual programming, the instructions for editing a document prepared as a manuscript of the part program. Basically, the manuscripts, a list of Whiting cutting tool and the positions of the workpiece should be the order followed by the machine to the workpiece. A paper tape was prepared directly from the script programmers.

The last step in the process of NC is on the tape of NC in the use of production. This includes the appointment of raw materials, job reporting and the preparation of tools and devices that require special equipment needed, and the NC machine tool for the job. The machine tool operator function during production of the rough part is loaded into the machine and create the initial position of the cutting tool with respect to the workpiece. The NC machine then takes over the controls and the rest of the operation. When the process completes, the operation that removed part of the machine and load the new part.

Definition of coordinate systems and vectors
Coordinate system and the movements of the machine
For the programmers, the sequence of postures and movements of the plan of cutting tool with respect to the workpiece, it needs to be specified to create a standard systemby axis relative position. With a mock NC as an example, the drilling shaft is fixed in an upright position and the table moves and controlled in terms of spiindle. However, to make things easier for the programmer, we take the view that the piece is stationary, while the drill is moving towards him. According to the coordinate system of axes has been established with respect to the machine table. Two axes are defined as shown in Fig.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easy to build Desktop CNC Mill

Here is a way to make a computer controlled milling machine. That puts the real power of a computer control machining into the hands of the average human. Small enough to set on the desk but scalable to any size. As inexpensive as possible without sacraficing accuracy (too much). All most all the parts can be purchased in local retail stores. And above all CHEAP you can be up and running for well under $200. With it you can do 2 Dimentional engraving and PC board etching and 3D milling and modeling in Foam, Wood, Plastic and other soft materials.

Easy to build Desktop CNC Mill video from YouTube. This is an attempt to put the power of computer controlled machining into the hands of the common human.

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