Monday, September 19, 2011

What is cnc punch press

A CNC punch press is an automated production machine used to form or punch out pre-determined shapes from thin stock material. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and refers to the computer programs which control the machine's operational cycles. Most CNC punch presses are turret-type machines that consist of three basic assemblies: a powered press turret, a main work bed which moves two dimensionally, and a set of controls that include the computer station. The process of punching material involves a work piece, typically a thin metal sheet, being moved into position under the press die along an X- and Y-axis by the computer program. When the work piece is in position, the program instructs the die to move down and form or cut out the desired shape, and then back up to repeat the cycle.

CNC Punch Press
Powered punch presses are large machines typically used in industrial settings to press form or cut out often intricate shapes from thin stock. The CNC punch press is one such machine that is controlled by a computer with very little operator input during the punching cycle. These machines are usually of a turret design that features a hydraulically-powered ram and die set housed in an enclosed turret. A movable table or bed is situated in front of and partially below the turret. This bed can move to feed work pieces along two axial planes, X and Y, or, in other words, backwards and forwards, and side to side.

CNC Punch Press
Both the bed and the die set of the CNC punch press are controlled by a central computer that translates a pre-loaded program into a set of sequential operations for both the die set and work bed. In this way, the machine will automatically advance the work piece through a pre-determined pattern of punch cycles. This automated operation is generally extremely precise and rapid, with typical punch cycles measured in milliseconds allowing for excellent production rates and high levels of accuracy. CNC punching is also economical, as the program can reduce the amount of wastage or scrap generation from any workpiece to a minimum.

CNC Punch Press
The CNC punch press cycle consists of two basic parts — workpiece positioning and the actual punch cycle. The positioning places the workpiece exactly under the die set, and the punch cycle moves the die down to cut out or form the production part. Once the cut or punch is made, the die is moved back up, the work piece is re-positioned, and the cycle is repeated. When cutouts are punched, any scrap produced drops down into a collection bin for recycling. A CNC punch press not only allows for high production rates and outstanding accuracy, but can also generally punch more complex shapes than other press types.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Origin Of CNC Machines

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) refers to a machine control that is transfigured with the aid of a programmed array of commands distinctively manipulated to execute tasks based on every user.It separates the motion board from the controller board which makes the actual motion board the control via a typical PC. With the utilization of the predetermined instruction,the equipment will then be transfigured to be moving in order to execute specific job.Through this, instructions are established in the medium storage and are converted into codes which will then be compared to the machinery units.

Refreshing the history,the very first NC devices were produced in 1940 s as well as 1950 s. These crude equipments had been then altered and renovated with analog and extremely technical computer programs which paved the way to the development of the current Computerized Numerical Control (CNC).It Is modern units have element patterns which are superiorly computerized and highly systematic with the usage of complex programs such as Computer-aided-design or CAM. These complex commands generate data that will transfigure the instructions that are extremely important in order to control specific machinery.

CNC Milling Machine
Since some of the units of the machine require different equipments,they are frequently altered with tools having the capacity to perform multiple tasks in a single cell. Sometimes,different units associated with instruments are maneuvered by using an external controller.In any circumstance, various process of the directions needed to accomplish tasks is all electrical and can generate an element that is nearly similar to a genuine CAD pattern.With the never-ending evolution of modern tank for data and information,the utilization of paper tapes remains very typical since it renders convenience and ease to every user.Still, anyone discovers it a lot easier to include mp3 reader in a microprocessor controller when compared to added workload when you need to re enter tapes in to another set of pattern.Another stronger way being used is to change from the paper tapes to Mylar tapes.

The fast revolving innovation of CNC machines yielded towards the need of acquiring latest CNC specifications not thwarted by the procedure for licensing specific units and styles. There are different factors to consider in order for it to last a bit longer and majority of them are dependent from vector markup languages.Units if CNC controls obtain commands through G-code that will then be set up to G-code motion,and then the controller will analyze the file with the help of signal pulses which will command the machine for any intriguing movement and execution.

CNC Machine Lathe
Using the development of CNC controller, the commands and features became very easy to operate. Much more,all of the CNC controls enable motion axis to be executed with more basic and logical means.These modern units are proven to be extremely effective and computer-operated with the use of CAM and CAD. Despite the high specialized approach and complex types of the computer files, they are still considered very important in machine operation.There is no doubt that these device units are one the sought-after technology during this time.

Be more concern with the health of your gadgets and resources in your business. You should learn about the basic principles being a responsible designer and how to be productive utilizing CNC controller. It will help you handle your tasks at once. Do not simply let it down and learn to deal with the needs of your business.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How CNC Helps Companies

The advent of Computers lessened the requirement for human intervention in just about all aspects of our daily lives.This is especially true in the industrial sector now that production is virtually automated.

Precision and precision
Computer numerical control has been able to help companies in terms of precision. With the requirement for more complex designs and more complicated operations,human workers could not cope with the required precision that accompany advancement. CNC machines were able to alter which idea by allowing increased precision and lesser error percentages with regards to production.

Another important enhancement that CNC has brought with it is the increased accuracy. The dimensions of components have to be very accurate.As well as since an increase in production speed also increases the error ratio,CNC has helped lower that ratio by the increased level of automation and the error recognition capabilities that computers have.

CNC Machine Lathe
In the industrial sector,pace is of the essence.With CNC technology,the normal production capacity has been elevated exponentially.This means that effective and accurate production methods have been developed.Mass production requires more scrutiny for mistakes and mistakes.However,anomalies can also be corrected.The encoding structures of CNC machines can be altered in a fast way.This means that mistakes do not have as serious an impact as they had before CNC was improved to this degree.

Machine versatility
CNC machines have become very versatile with regards to the tools that they use.They can easily be assigned to different tasks and thus can be very productive.Tools and systems can be switched without compromising the speed of the production. Aside from this,one machine can do more than one task at a time.This exceeds the normal human capabilities as it allows more tasks to be accomplished at a faster rate compared to before.

Furthermore,when 1 machine tool breaks down,it may easily be pulled off the power grid to prevent it from impacting the whole production cycle.It may then be replaced or repaired on the spot.

CNC Milling Machine
Lesser human treatment
Since component production is a very tedious and repetitive procedure,human error skyrockets as time passes.This is due to fatigue along with other factors.Furthermore, the ability of an individual degrades due to psychological and emotional factors.This means that if a person creates the same job for a certain amount of period,the person may eventually get bored or tired or both.This increases the possibility for the human to commit an error and thus causes a drop within the efficiency rating of that individual.A machine,however,does not get tired or bored.A machine does not have any concern at all.

Therefore,a machine increases efficiency ratings through speeding up production and getting rid of or reducing factors which threaten efficiency.In this case,1 must simply program the equipment to start a cycle.In addition, humans have to be fed,paid,and rested. Machines only have to be rested when failures occur to often and they need not be paid or given.

This brings us to the conclusion that companies will be able to save a lot in the long run. Whilst investing in CNC machines is not cheap,maintenance will only cost a fraction of what will be paid in order to manual laborers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Code used in CNC Programming

G Code - A Code used in CNC Programming
G-code is the common name for the most widely used numerical control program language. G-codes are also called as preparatory codes, and are any word in a CNC program that begins with the letter. G-code programming environments have evolved in parallel with those of general programming from the earliest environments like writing a program with a pencil or typing it into a tape puncher to the latest environment that stack CAD,CAM and richly featured G-code editors.

Generally it is a code telling the machine tool what type of action to perform, such as:

G-code command
- Rapid Move

- Controlled feed move in a straight line or arc

- Series of controlled feed moves that would result in a hole being bored,a work piece cut(routed) to a specific dimension,or decorative profile shape added to the edge of a work piece

- Set tool information such as offset

G-code began as a limited type of language that lacked constructs such as loops,conditional operators,and programmer-declared variables with natural-word-including names (or the expressions in which to use them).It was thus unable to encode logic;it was essentially just a way to connect the dots where many of the dots locations were figured out longhand by the programmer.The latest implementations of G-code include such constructs,creating a language somewhat closer to a high-level programming language.The more a programmer can tell the machine what end result is desired,and leave the intermediate calculations to the machine,the more s/he uses the machine s computational power to full advantage.

G-code program

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Advantages of CNC Machining

CNC machining stands for "computer numerical control" machining. It is a relatively new process in the world of machining which allows for increased efficiency through higher levels of automation and by allowing the machine and it's computer controls to do all the work. While CNC machines are expensive and complicated, they quickly pay for themselves by reducing the workload and preventing errors.

The first major advantage of CNC machining is that it improves automation, removing the need of an operator for all but a few parts of the work. CNC machines can be left unattended for hours or even days if necessary, allowing operators to focus on other tasks. This also allows for a company to retain fewer operators, thereby saving on overhead. By removing the operator, safety is also increased, since should there be a jam or other potentially dangerous machining error, the operator will not be holding the tool and the only thing damaged will be the tool itself. CNC machines can also work much faster than human machinists, since they are faster, stronger, and do not need to take breaks. They can also be run late at night, when most of the workers have gone home, since machines do not need to worry about being sleepy or getting paid overtime.

Advantages of CNC Machining 
The second big advantage to CNC machining is that it produces an exact result every single time. Even the best human operator will have minor variations between finished results, whereas a CNC machine will produce exactly the same result each and every time it is run. This is very important in the modern world of standardized and interchangeable parts, where a single defective cut can make an entire machine wholly unusable. All that is necessary is for a single program to be developed and placed into the machine. Then the machine can toil away at however many work pieces are needed, producing an exact replica down to thousandths of an inch each and every time.

CNC Machining Part
The third big advantage to CNC machining is the flexibility of the machine itself. While humans are much more flexible and trainable than machines, a CNC machine can be completely reprogrammed in a matter of hours to produce a completely different product. It is thus possible to refer back to old programs or install new programs when a different work piece is required. This gives CNC machines a big advantage over other machines, since they can quickly shift to producing a completely different product without the installation of many new parts or a major overhaul of key components. This also ensures that CNC machines can keep up with customer demand, since they can very quickly shift from making a part that is in surplus to a part that is lacking should a need arise.

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