Sunday, September 5, 2010

Laser cutting

CNC cutting - Laser cutting technology
Modern laser cutting (CNC cutting machine) is important to designers of new products because they are required to produce complex shapes. Laser is only thousandths regular inches in size cut surfaces are critical of up to 2000 watt laser cutting CNC data directly input electronic computer design (CAD) drawings to produce parts for precision flat complex any.

Laser works best on materials such as steel or stainless steel carbon Metals such as aluminum and copper alloys are difficult to cut because of the reflected laser light absorption and thermal cut-out operation. Laser to cut these materials to high-power laser. Range of materials can be cut include laser cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, polyethylene, acrylic, Delrin product acetal resin, nylon, wood and even MDF and plywood.

CNC cutting machine (Laser cutting) 
Using the latest laser technology to adjust properly clean deep cut Reduction is through software-controlled adjustment of the laser cutting speed and output power.
Cutting the shape produced by cutting sheet materials using intense laser light. During laser beam cutting of high-density light energy is focused on a small head lens / beam at the meeting of the specimen surface material of the work piece is vaporized.

CNC laser cutting is a popular demand for a variety of easy-cut complex - designs, manufactures CNC file settings accordingly examples of architecture, as well as aerospace, automotive, medical, decorative, electronic medical petrochemical and power generation.
CNC Laser Cutting eMachineShop offer lower costs because they do not have the physical tools. Heat a little misleading. (Heat affected zone is about 10% of material thickness) as the results still stand Laser components consistently maintain the same close tolerances over a wide range of materials and small burrs.

MachineShop effort to make it easier and convenient low-cost components themselves via the Internet. This is done by fully exploit Web software and state - of - the - art metal cutting machines and CNC technology.

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