Monday, February 28, 2011

Tools of the machinist

Tools mechanic
Mechanic tool is expected to have expertise to fall into six broad categories.

instrumentation: Basic instrumentation to many species.
- comparison tools such as calipers and adjust parallels normal
- directly to readers, such as rules, scales, and calipers vernier,.
- micrometer screw by the tool,.
- tool indicator, depending on the movement of the gears of machinery,.
- tranducers electronic instrumentation as many of these digital versions of their earlier mechanical as well as digital caliper.

hand tools: hand tools are usually full of the tools found in Chang's complete set of special tools, except that the lack of automated tools and some extra large are likely to be present, such as 1 1 / 2 "(38 mm) end Open wrench

Tool of machinist
machine tools: tools, has undergone a change tremendously in the last 20 years, manual machines gave way to computer numerical control (CNCs) because of the clarity of the group categorized by history. will receive Each of these groups has been changed by the advent of some of the CNCs and CNCs meld and blur the lines between the others in the past, the most common machine tools fall into four categories.
- drilling machine, bench, floor radius, and horizontal.
- Milling machines, horizontal, vertical, and boring mills.
- lathe, engine lathe, turret lathe, vertical turret lathe boring plants vertically.
- Grinding machines, surface, cylindrical, centerless, universal

Workholders: The workholders may include vises, chucks, indexing accessories, pallets, specialty jigs or fixtures, and faceplates

Toolholders: The toolholders may include chucks, cutter adapters, cutter extension, tool posts, indexable turrets, box tools, quick change adapters, arbors, and collets.

Cutting Tools: Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. consists of various cutters, such as plants face mill cutters and shell endmills format; Practice various reamers, taps, countersinks, counterbores and drill cores; Tools, tool change format and tools Threading; Grinding wheels are unique geometric shapes, their size gravel bond compounds.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Types of metal lathes

Center lathe / engine lathe / bench lathe
Center lathe, engine lathe and turning all the bench lathe more primitive type of lathe that could be considered class archetypical of machined metal work, most often used by people using a general or hobbyist machining lathe bench title refers to the version of the class This is small enough to be mounted on the workbench (But still complete and larger than a small or micro lathes lathes), turning centers, construction detailed above. However, depending on year of manufacture, size, price range or desired features, lathes, even these can vary between versions.

Lathe Machine
Engine lathe is a lathe used for the late 19th century or 20th century with the traditional feed for automated cutting tool as opposed to the first lathes that are used with hand-held tools or lathes with feed only themselves. The use of "engine" in a sense this is equipment not feel the mechanical mover - prime, as in steam generators with a power source industry standard for many years. Will have the steam engine big one that will provide power to any computer via the shaft line of the belt so early lathes engines generally 'head cone' in the core are usually attached to its pulley multistage called cone pulley. designed to accept a flat belt. Spindle speeds, different can be acquired from the moving belt, flat steps at different pulley cone lathes Cone heads usually have a countershaft (layshaft) on the back of the cone, which may work to set up. lower than the value of the velocity obtained by direct belt drive. These gears are called back gear Large, sometimes turning to the two-speed transmission, which may be moved to the location is still lower than the speed.

When electric motors became common in the early century, 20, lathes cone head, many were converted to electrical energy. Meanwhile, the state of the art in the performance of gears and bearings has reached a point where manufacturers began to focus headstocks fully with gear similar to gear drive to get the speed axis rate and enter the amount higher. while the transmission power required. To take advantage of high speed steel tools.

Of affordable appliances have changed again by means of speed control may be applied, allowing motor speed continuously variable from maximum to almost zero RPM.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Construction of Lathe

The design of lathes can vary greatly depending on the intended application; however, basic features are common to most types. These machines consist of (at the least) a headstock, bed, carriage, and tailstock. Better machines are solidly constructed with broad bearing surfaces (slides or ways) for stability, and manufactured with great precision. This helps ensure the components manufactured on the machines can meet the required tolerances and repeatability.

Lathe machine

H1 = Headstock

H2, H3 = Speed change mechanism

H4 = Houses the main spindle

H5 = Operate gear

H6 = Quick change gearbox

H7 = Leadscrew

H8 = Feedscrew

H9 = On - Off

H10 = Change gear

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What CNC Engraving Machines Are

CNC Engraving Machine
CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines engraving speed and accuracy in design and engraving for industrial metals, plastics, aluminum, graphite, ceramics and most non-ferrous materials. They can be as simple as a home-made drilling for drilling holes or a series of large, complex organizations with tools and tables.

CNC machines are designed to do one or all of unsupervised with a few corporate production unit consisting of a group of machines. When an almost perfect machine could leave discouraged. Many of these machines are designed as a tool to change the self-defined order and change the location of the new elements to finish the job. Manpower problem has been fixed, because these machines can work by yourself all day long.

CNC Engraving Machine
Because they have a computer and perform, CNC Machine is far more accurate and consistent than the recommended system of any of the human machine CNC true error-free because the device is working under the terms of the programming. Project can be done using sophisticated equipment, regardless of the frequency of task is repeated. Products will be completed according to the course at a time.

It is easy to learn and set up a program for CNC machines. What is needed is a guide to enter into a computer program. Setting details of previous work can be restored quickly and easily to time-consuming manual changeovers will not be a problem.

CNC machines typically have two tables, and automatic pallet change. This decrease in valuable time as one element can be machined on one table while the Materials for the new components are loaded into the other. Type of machine CNC is available with a wide range as well as the work they can do, such as opening, drilling ground zero machines that can be carried Milling, boring, tapping, as well as. complex contouring operations.

Type of machinery is not limited, including the type of industry of any of these devices can also be used for working on materials such as wood, plastic, along with the project fabricating metal also has units for use in the system, CNC for the home. General Mills is usually a Lathe or CNC, Table 4 - axis with computers and software for CNC programming and tools required for the use of machinery and equipment This is ideal for those who need to produce a series of small pieces the same CNC machines may be installed on a couple of five-axis up

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rotary Table

Rotary tables are most commonly mounted "flat", with the table rotating around a vertical axis, in the same plane as the cutter of a vertical milling machine. An alternate setup is to mount the rotary table on its end (or mount it "flat" on a 90° angle plate), so that it rotates about a horizontal axis. In this configuration a tailstock can also be used, thus holding the workpiece "between centers."

With the table mounted on a secondary table, the workpiece is accurately centered around the rotary table's axis, which in turn is centered around the cutting tool's axis. All three axes are thus coaxial. From this point, the secondary table can be offset in either the X or Y direction to set the cutter the desired distance from the workpiece's center. This allows concentric machining operations on the workpiece. Placing the workpiece eccentrically a set distance from the center permits more complex curves to be cut. As with other setups on a vertical mill, the milling operation can be either drilling a series of concentric, and possibly equidistant holes, or face or end milling either circular or semicircular shapes and contours.

A rotary table can be used:

•To machine spanner flats on a bolt
•To drill equidistant holes on a circular flange
•To cut a round piece with a protruding tang
•To create large-diameter holes, via milling in a circular toolpath, on small milling machines that don't have the power to drive large twist drills (>0.500"/>13 mm)
•To mill helixes
•To cut complex curves (with proper setup)
•to cut straight lines at any angle
•to cut arcs
•with the addition of a compound table on top of the rotary table, the user can move the center of rotation to anywhere on the part being cut. This enables an arc to be cut at any place on the part.
Additionally, if converted to stepper motor operation, with a CNC milling machine and a tailstock, a rotary table allows many parts to be made on a mill that otherwise would require a lathe.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rotary Table

Small CNC - Rotary table
A rotary table is a precision work positioning device used in metal work. This allows operators to drill or cut and run around during a certain time constant. (Usually horizontal or vertical) axis, some tables turn allow the index sheet for implementation of indexing and some also can be installed with a sheet dividing the job to enable the normal agencies plate index. can not be used. Installation used in this rotation will be more appropriately called the heads split. (Head).

Rotary table
Table showing the type to do it manually Powered square under the control of CNC machines now available, and the fourth axis for CNC Milling Machine. Rotary tables are made with a solid base to clamp down on the table for another installation. Table happen as the disc is precision machined parts that can catch hold (box T is for this General) discs can be rotated freely for indexing, or under the control of worms (handwheel). with the worm wheel is part of the actual table. Precision table-driven alternative backlash worm duplex.

The ratio between the worm and the table is typically 40:1, 72:1 or 90:1 ratio, but may be able to break easily as any 360 ° for ease of use when the plates are made. Dial Index graduated vernier size and often turned the tables to the position, and affixed it to work with great accuracy.

Through holes are often turning to the table the most, this hole is a center to accept the Morse taper machining or installation.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quality CNC grinding and machining services

CNC grinding and machining services
With the growing popularity of the CNC machine is a growing need for quality CNC grinding and mechanical services specialist machine CNC (Computer Numerical Control) has changed the way the industry works. They have increased productivity and reduced costs. You can judge the excellence of their actions to their simple operation. For example, these machines have made cuttinga curve as easy as cutting a straight line or production structure, 3 - D complex within a few minutes. They reduce the number of steps that must be man-made precision CNC machining 5-axis increased automation of manufacturing processes.

CNC Grinding Machine
Machine Shop CNC Modern can provide consistent and good quality service because these machining CNC 5-axis CNC grinder is an essential part of the manufacturing industry. Diversity of production units require different cutting tools and grinding machines to perform different tasks. Although people are not aware of Machining CNC and the importance of these is used in the manufacture of products used in life today, all day, such as auto parts, wheels, cutting tools, diamond, watch, industry Aero, mobile phones and many more most of these products are manufactured using high technology to be nothing less than accurate. CNC machinery is important because it produces products with high precision. For example, every major industry, machine parts that require precision in a lot of this is made possible only by machine precision.

But for all its production units is not possible to have a CNC milling machine tool, and for some reason. Industry, small and start-up either did not have to produce large, they need to install these machines in place of them. Also, they did not have the money for these machines. In addition, these appliances require higher skills and knowledge experts. It requires precision CNC engineers to use these machines. Consider all these facts, it will be useful for employment and service quality CNC grinding machines by experts.

Friday, February 11, 2011

What You Can Do With a CNC Milling Machine

What You Can Do With a CNC Milling Machine - 5 Important Things That You Should Know
In modern industrial machinery, advanced machine tools that have improved the production process in the production equipment in both large and small. Therefore, computer numerical Control (CNC) machine centers have been widely used because all manufacturers have the potential to enhance production and profitability of the business. In connection with this case, CNC Milling machines are very demanding, because these machines can perform complex, which is limited to the key processes in building elements.

But not all manufacturers know the true potential of these particular milling machine. So this is what you can actually do something with milling CNC:.

CNC Milling Machine
1 in the milling multiaxis - print general milling machine can do cutting and excavation process on the third axis that modern people are able to do at least 4-5 Milling. d core operations. Because it is possible that you can perform the complex process of parts - whether based on large or small.

2 To perform milling operations, depending on your design - generally you can import your design - as in CAD, a software unit 'to control these machines can do. appropriate grinder Currently, it is possible to find the advanced CNC Milling Machine can not do this with minimal programming.

3 in the mill at high risk - these centers are mostly used in the process of mechanical parts, often with a raw material, plastic, metal and wood. When compared to traditional Milling operators who are using Milling Machining Center with modern predisposition to avoid the accident because of the high risk of exposure. directly with very little material during Milling Operations. In addition, these machines are designed. ergonomically. For entrepreneurs who have examined the performance Milling over a long time to work - so they are not forced to bend or crouch when using CNC milling machine.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to start a small business - Small laser engraving

Selecting a Strategy for Making Money
One way that is easy to start making money with a new business (Small Laser Engraving) is your carved piece specially for people and businesses, many companies want the logo on their business engraved on the pens, cups, and other items your customers should be. that imprinted promotional items are a great way to build a fast and list of persons to distribute to their customers and / or employees when compared to other companies sell promotional items imprinted you the price. much less expensive. Make sure your customers know via fliers and brochures, your

Small Laser Engraver
Promote Your Business with a Website
If you want to make tons of money with laser engraving, you should consider a website created. Once you have created your website more effectively with the ads. Whenever someone searches online for a carver, you will appear, and visitors will see the price and your contact information. Many small businesses do a lot of money through their website.

Laser Engraving is a Great Alternative Steam of Income
Many people who want to work from home, find work outside the laser engraving is a good time. So if you decide to start up with your own laser engraving business that you do not have to quit your day job. If your business began carving off, you can leave your full time job and a boss of your own.

Regardless of your intentions in the future, laser engraving business is a good choice for people who want to work at home because of low initial cost of the already You can start small and gradually grow and add equipment as demand for your product increases.

Monday, February 7, 2011

How to start a small Laser Engraving Business

How to start a small business laser engraving.

If you're interested in learning how to start a business laser engraving of your home: You've found the right article. Do not need a lot of money to get started. Lasers engraving machine and laser systems are easy to use. Usually you can get started quickly because it is easy to use. Whether you are looking for extra income or full-time job you can do it by carving at home.

Laser Engraving Products
Starting with a small engraving business is very simple. The beginning, you just need to focus on training. Check your local colleges for classes that have low cost of ownership and the engraving machine. You also can contact local businesses for a chance to carving part - time or internship after completing a training class or work part-time, you can go out and buy everything you need to succeed on. your business. Two things need to get better results with sculptor and computer work.

Consider buying some of the laser device call any company that you can find locally and see the machines they have any system or equipment to sell or if they plan to go out of business. If you have cash for your business, trying to buy the newer Laser Engravers has a good warranty. The new device will usually last longer and have less problems remotely.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lathes and Machining

CNC Lathe and Machining
CNC lathe is a machine that can rotate to a variety of operations such as grinding, drilling, cutting or polishing. Often is used for turning off more and more complex today than they were replacing the old lathes multispindle because they are easy to install and use.

In this day and age, just in time manufacturing techniques used by many CNC machined parts are purchased just in time for assembly and only the amount needed for assembly. This will be done to reduce inventory carrying costs. Effect of reduced quantities, it is the behavior of manufacturing production CNC turning shop is reduced to low volume. Common complaint of CNC lathe is a lot of shop owners to reduce oil production from low-income major expense in operating CNC lathe is quite high. But customers are often unwilling to pay the higher price.

CNC Lathe Machine
Some lathe CNC is portable and others will stop as many stores for people who do woodwork for a hobby you will find Lathe, because it has the ability to do that much different in Design and cut stone for things like stair railings, the platform for growing vines, or leg

Materials that can be used as long as it held in the process of being open while a software program that can continue the revolution turning CNC is used best when you want to turn out several pieces the same size. and shape and where you do not need a lot of decoration. They have their limitations, but mostly you can create a good piece on this type of CNC machine data is a new community website all about CNC Lathe. Stop by today for your free Ebook just for registering as a member of our website for free. Get all the information you need on CNC Lathe and CNC Free Ebook on the basics of CNC. Stop by today. CNCInformation.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Benefits Of Using a CNC Engraver

CNC engraver, CNC engraving or carving is a carving machine that makes use of computer programs and commands from the computer. Before the software art, food, order tapes pierced through. These first 'NC' or numerical control machines used in the 1940 - 50s modern CNC engraver carving is a modern design with exceptional levels of accuracy.

The top prize of Ice Hockey, Stanley Cup are carved by hand in the process of more than 50 names are hammered into the cup carefully in the process that takes weeks. Even today's skilled engraver can not replace all traditional. Today, technological advances in modern CNC machinery and CAD / CAM has allowed manufacturers and more consumers to get a CNC engraving

CNC Engraver Router
A variety of carved Engravers CNC CNC small is small enough to move from room to room with a space carved around the size of a laptop. These steps up in size, depending on the application to large industrial CNC engraving machine that can be found in many school workshops or production of its class.

From the design, engraving
Computer software is a revolutionary process of carving from start to finish First designed to mock up on the CAD (computer-aided design) software, users can print out the design to determine the size and design. After the design has been concluded the design will be saved in a format known for machinery, CNC, CNC machines that use this information and a lot of time carving a quick test to do on the material cost such as wood or waste materials. The final Finally, materials or items to be loaded into a carved engraver CNC Engraving and do

Process for previewing and testing the design with the program CAD to allow people to get the design perfect, which is important before designing the automated system completely or for the production of lots of programs Virtual can be cut by automatically on a computer screen (such as Vericut) to see if there are any errors that are cutting routes, before moving into the final product.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

CNC Machine Language G-Code List

G - Code is one of the languages of computer code used to add equipment CNC machines that move their need to perform such a task can coordinate around and repeated several times. Industry has standardized on G - code is a set of basic CNC machine code.

G - Code is a programming language, the most popular use for programming machine CNC G words to change the status of the machine to be switched from the cut line to a curve wrapping the other lead to interpretation. G is the number of millimeters instead of inches, some words that G set or remove the tool length or offset diameter

G-Code : Description

G00= Rapid Linear Interpolation
G01= Linear Interpolation
G02= Clockwise Circular Interpolation
G03= Counter Clockwise Circular Interpolation
G04= Dwell
G05= High Speed Machining Mode
G10= Offset Input By Program
G12= Clockwise Circle With Entrance And Exit Arcs
G13= Counter Clockwise Circle With Entrance And Exit Arcs
G17= X-Y Plane Selection
G18= Z-X Plane Selection
G19= Y-Z Plane Selection
G28= Return To Reference Point
G34= Special Fixed Cycle (Bolt Hole Circle)
G35= Special Fixed Cycle (Line At Angle)
G36= Special Fixed Cycle (Arc)
G37= Special Fixed Cycle (Grid)
G40= Tool Radius Compensation Cancel
G41= Tool Radius Compensation Left
G42= Tool Radius Compensation Right
G43= Tool Length Compensation
G44= Tool Length Compensation Cancel
G45= Tool Offset Increase
G46= Tool Offset Decrease
G50.1= Programmed Mirror Image Cancel
G51.1= Programmed Mirror Image On
G52= Local Coordinate Setting
G54 - G59= Work Coordinate Registers 1 Thru 6

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to make your own CNC machine at home

Many said the CNC machine or a computer numerical control brings to mind images that are very complex and why Just look at the pictures of some of the art CNC machines used for industrial purposes. All of these ideas in mind to come with your idea is how can those which are made at home? Better believe me when I say that you can build your own CNC machine at home from parts easily affordable cost just part of reality. (On the flip side is that it will do the work done by sophisticated CNCs on the market), but that should not stop you from doing your own dream home and this is how you should proceed.

Make CNC at home
Why do I need
Do not expect home made machines, similar to what can be done by using expensive commercially produced by large engineering firms. If you are a type of adventure and love to do things by yourself is not why you should not build this machine because, CNC will use in the operation of any of you have asked yourself at home. Do your computers have the ability to do.

Of course, you are targeted as easy as You can not say that my home made CNC should do all the work of the household, all the mechanical problems in the home or to pay your I mean, you can dream big. But that will certainly have more knowledge that I will give you For the rest of the humbler folks feel free to read ahead.

We all want what is carved on wood, plastic or metal, etc. One of the things you can expect your house to do, CNC is to do some simple two-dimensional carving, with you in the media such as plastic or wood.

Budget Consideration
Budget is one of the biggest restraint while making the device used in the household. I think the main reason for this is that although we will not hesitate to spend large amounts of money on equipment made by the company brand; We became misers and want to do at home what should be expressed from thin air. Of course, I can not teach you this magic. Of course, I recommend machine should not cost more than a few hundred dollars, depending on how much things you can collect from your warehouse and how much you need to buy second hand or first-hand market.

So after a lot of knowledge about CNC and CNC machines do, then it's time we look at the CNC machine at home easily in the next article.

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