Thursday, September 9, 2010

Advantages And Limitations In China Heavy Machine Tool Manufacturers

In recent years, increase the supply of primary equipment for the construction of public key will be worth more for manufacture hard and they have research and development of equipment weight for major projects such as CNC Lathe Milling horizontal. with the independent intellectual property and process size 28m; CNC Lathe with a heavy bed of 5000mm change the size and weight is 500t; Machine CNC Milling class type, the size of the bar, boring is 320mm; Double Machine gantry CNC Milling width of 11m to create a log processing, the largest in the world to change the situation the machine key is used to. China's key construction projects, most rely on imports has spent a lot. Foreign Exchange and is controlled by others.

Heavy Machine Tool
To meet the needs of enterprise equipment market increased investment of changes in technology and technical support to secure a large processing equipment necessary for major projects of the state and have gotten significantly shorter development tool and integrated manufacturing enterprise change when new technologies, they also have the right team of technology development. Conversion technology project itself as the numerical control products that can be sold to customers.

Is worth noting the effect of economic and social development of the market opportunity for machine tools and heavy gardening is limited to certain industrial products is a relatively small step height of the country. Policy has had in the garden tool market demand and market response is quite old. Capital investments and heavy machinery, high pay and long cycle life that lead to long cycle length change is the limited investment So if China is not the filler and advice on current investment boom production equipments heavy blow mold industry will balance the risk of increased business investment and the last track of the crisis, industry and business.

Needs of the ordinary and heavy machinery for CNC machinery, medium and lower flat is most important equipment is added. A blow mold products imported or domestic products competitive to scale technology is not only a great opportunity for the development process of China's heavy industry, machine fitting pvc, but also test the ability of grasping the opportunity. And can be very challenging for the production of heavy industry as China's machine tool Needs of high - end CNC machinery heavy market real argument is not a key to be that manufacturers cut in the country to develop and produce high - end satisfied users for heavy machinery will not only provide large the highest in the world. But it also increases the accuracy and reliability of technology and achievement. Development Trend and heavy machinery that can not hold the market in the plastic valves critical equipment that meets the needs of users, which is what's most important heavy industrial machinery and equipment in the unshirkable historical responsibility. Fifty two-year period.

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