Wednesday, September 8, 2010

China Strategy Of Foreign Machine tool

China Machine Tool
Of machine tools at the top of the developed countries such as Japan and Germany, included in the computer world's most advanced engine manufacturing technology. However, orders decreased rapidly Why can not afford to buy the best products out? China's strategic cutting machines overseas enterprises to fail.

Some people think it is mainly due to foreign companies interested in marketing techniques and lighting markets, Europe and America. But to ignore the Chinese market are also engineering machiney their too high. China Manufacturers such an order is entitled to the best that is good, although imported products. But the price is too high, while domestic production and quality, but not as good as the original. Prices and they are ideal for Chinese users. As plastic valves help China spray dryer production to avoid disadvantages of its own products and technology and other areas and hold the majority of middle and low-end market. International business strategy is incompatible with the reason that China failed strategy.

Machine tools
The corporate strategy of China's foreign failure machiney Vehicle with trends and the role will be high and gradually move to high end.

Independent innovation of China's current high-end CNC machine tools is unique and industry increased. Research and development and hard top heavy CNC machine manufacturers five-axis gantry tool CIP complex super heavy weight drill horizontal CNC lathe, and other high - end CNC machine tools to be successful. High international success and satisfaction needs equipment for most of the space vehicle equipment Electricity and fields to other major high-speed lathes CNC Precision Centers machine and other products are widely used in the field. industries. Aerospace industry, automotive electronics, such as war and they have very small and Medium Enterprises Promotion fitting pvc for restoration and rebuilding and upgrading equipment industry

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