Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Milling Manufacturing

Milling is the process of cutting the feed of a workpiece in a rotating knife several teeth. The cut of the many actions around the teeth Mills offers a fast method of processing. The machined surface may be flat, inclined or curved. The surface can also be made to any combination of shapes. The machinery for the execution of the piece, the rotating blades and is known to feed milling machine


Face milling
In face milling, the cutter on an axis with a rotation axis mounted vertically on the surface of the piece. The ground surface away from the action of cutting edges on the periphery and in the face of the cutter.

Face Milling
Peripheral Milling
In the peripheral (or plate) of milling, the milled surface of the teeth on the periphery of the cutter body has been generated. The axis of rotation of the cutter is usually processed in parallel on a flat surface of the workpiece.

Peripheral Milling
End milling
The milling cutting turns on an axis perpendicular to the general, the work piece. Can be tilted to machine tapered surfaces. The cutting teeth are on the front of the cutter and the periphery of the cutter body is found.

End Milling

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