Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to make your own CNC machine at home

Many said the CNC machine or a computer numerical control brings to mind images that are very complex and why Just look at the pictures of some of the art CNC machines used for industrial purposes. All of these ideas in mind to come with your idea is how can those which are made at home? Better believe me when I say that you can build your own CNC machine at home from parts easily affordable cost just part of reality. (On the flip side is that it will do the work done by sophisticated CNCs on the market), but that should not stop you from doing your own dream home and this is how you should proceed.

Make CNC at home
Why do I need
Do not expect home made machines, similar to what can be done by using expensive commercially produced by large engineering firms. If you are a type of adventure and love to do things by yourself is not why you should not build this machine because, CNC will use in the operation of any of you have asked yourself at home. Do your computers have the ability to do.

Of course, you are targeted as easy as You can not say that my home made CNC should do all the work of the household, all the mechanical problems in the home or to pay your I mean, you can dream big. But that will certainly have more knowledge that I will give you For the rest of the humbler folks feel free to read ahead.

We all want what is carved on wood, plastic or metal, etc. One of the things you can expect your house to do, CNC is to do some simple two-dimensional carving, with you in the media such as plastic or wood.

Budget Consideration
Budget is one of the biggest restraint while making the device used in the household. I think the main reason for this is that although we will not hesitate to spend large amounts of money on equipment made by the company brand; We became misers and want to do at home what should be expressed from thin air. Of course, I can not teach you this magic. Of course, I recommend machine should not cost more than a few hundred dollars, depending on how much things you can collect from your warehouse and how much you need to buy second hand or first-hand market.

So after a lot of knowledge about CNC and CNC machines do, then it's time we look at the CNC machine at home easily in the next article.

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