Monday, January 31, 2011

CNC Process Overview

This is how I view CNC. I pulled him into the steps that I recall. Now they all interact. But it is good to keep them in a box because of the simplicity. I also want to print them in a logical advancement. Here they were designing, CAD, CAM, and machine control.

Today you will go on the road. You will learn about the basics of CNC. I hope you are as excited as me about this topic. I have been using CNC equipment in the shop to my house for six years. Technology to improve and better every year. Software has been improving every year. At one time, only large companies can buy this technology. We have hundreds of thousands of these machines work on the likes of you and the U of I are

There are basically five components for CNC programs you need to know.

CNC Process
Design - think and plan what you want to create.

CAD - translated into the computer.

CAM - converted to machine language.

Control - directing the movement of your machine.

Machining - building part of the needs of

Five of these elements are actually building the CNC program. You see them above the average person to associate the following example, you can not control until you have designed. You can not use CAM software to your software before you are one of the CAD's important that you must address is how these elements interact with each other.

CNC has become a very popular hobby and more and more people are starting to jump on the car horn of the CNC. It was fun hobby and easy to do from home with your very own just a little elbow grease and creativity. This can be confusing. Over time, it will seem very basic. The more you use these elements with other people more so they become second nature.

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