Thursday, February 3, 2011

CNC Machine Language G-Code List

G - Code is one of the languages of computer code used to add equipment CNC machines that move their need to perform such a task can coordinate around and repeated several times. Industry has standardized on G - code is a set of basic CNC machine code.

G - Code is a programming language, the most popular use for programming machine CNC G words to change the status of the machine to be switched from the cut line to a curve wrapping the other lead to interpretation. G is the number of millimeters instead of inches, some words that G set or remove the tool length or offset diameter

G-Code : Description

G00= Rapid Linear Interpolation
G01= Linear Interpolation
G02= Clockwise Circular Interpolation
G03= Counter Clockwise Circular Interpolation
G04= Dwell
G05= High Speed Machining Mode
G10= Offset Input By Program
G12= Clockwise Circle With Entrance And Exit Arcs
G13= Counter Clockwise Circle With Entrance And Exit Arcs
G17= X-Y Plane Selection
G18= Z-X Plane Selection
G19= Y-Z Plane Selection
G28= Return To Reference Point
G34= Special Fixed Cycle (Bolt Hole Circle)
G35= Special Fixed Cycle (Line At Angle)
G36= Special Fixed Cycle (Arc)
G37= Special Fixed Cycle (Grid)
G40= Tool Radius Compensation Cancel
G41= Tool Radius Compensation Left
G42= Tool Radius Compensation Right
G43= Tool Length Compensation
G44= Tool Length Compensation Cancel
G45= Tool Offset Increase
G46= Tool Offset Decrease
G50.1= Programmed Mirror Image Cancel
G51.1= Programmed Mirror Image On
G52= Local Coordinate Setting
G54 - G59= Work Coordinate Registers 1 Thru 6

G60= Unidirectional Positioning
G61= Exact Stop Check Mode
G65= Macro Call (Non Modal)
G66= Macro Call (Modal)
G68= Programmed Coordinate Rotation
G69= Coordinate Rotation Cancel
G73= Fixed Cycle (Step)
G74= Fixed Cycle (Reverse Tapping)
G76= Fixed Cycle (Fine Boring)
G80= Fixed Cycle Cancel
G81= Fixed Cycle (Drilling / Spot Drilling)
G82= Fixed Cycle (Drilling / Counter Boring)
G83= Fixed Cycle (Deep Hole Drilling)
G84= Fixed Cycle (Tapping)
G85= Fixed Cycle (Boring)
G86= Fixed Cycle (Boring)
G87= Fixed Cycle (Back Boring)
G88= Fixed Cycle (Boring)
G89= Fixed Cycle (Boring)
G90= Absolute Value Command
G91= Incremental Value Command
G92= Work Offset Set
G101= User macro 1 (substitution) =
G102= User macro 1 (addition) +
G103= User macro 1 (subtraction) -
G104= User macro 1 (multiplication) *
G105= User macro 1 (division) /
G106= User macro 1 (square root)
G107= User macro 1 (sine) sin
G108= User macro 1 (cosine) cos
G109= User macro 1 (arc tangent) tan
G110= User macro (square root)
G200= User macro 1 (unconditional branch)
G201= User macro 1 (zero condition branch)
G202= User macro (negative condition branch)

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