Friday, February 25, 2011

Types of metal lathes

Center lathe / engine lathe / bench lathe
Center lathe, engine lathe and turning all the bench lathe more primitive type of lathe that could be considered class archetypical of machined metal work, most often used by people using a general or hobbyist machining lathe bench title refers to the version of the class This is small enough to be mounted on the workbench (But still complete and larger than a small or micro lathes lathes), turning centers, construction detailed above. However, depending on year of manufacture, size, price range or desired features, lathes, even these can vary between versions.

Lathe Machine
Engine lathe is a lathe used for the late 19th century or 20th century with the traditional feed for automated cutting tool as opposed to the first lathes that are used with hand-held tools or lathes with feed only themselves. The use of "engine" in a sense this is equipment not feel the mechanical mover - prime, as in steam generators with a power source industry standard for many years. Will have the steam engine big one that will provide power to any computer via the shaft line of the belt so early lathes engines generally 'head cone' in the core are usually attached to its pulley multistage called cone pulley. designed to accept a flat belt. Spindle speeds, different can be acquired from the moving belt, flat steps at different pulley cone lathes Cone heads usually have a countershaft (layshaft) on the back of the cone, which may work to set up. lower than the value of the velocity obtained by direct belt drive. These gears are called back gear Large, sometimes turning to the two-speed transmission, which may be moved to the location is still lower than the speed.

When electric motors became common in the early century, 20, lathes cone head, many were converted to electrical energy. Meanwhile, the state of the art in the performance of gears and bearings has reached a point where manufacturers began to focus headstocks fully with gear similar to gear drive to get the speed axis rate and enter the amount higher. while the transmission power required. To take advantage of high speed steel tools.

Of affordable appliances have changed again by means of speed control may be applied, allowing motor speed continuously variable from maximum to almost zero RPM.

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