Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Axis cnc Milling

In this striving economy, manufacturers are consistently looking for productive ways to complete their parts production operations – the most common way is through CNC milling machines, which are mainly used in performing cutting and drilling operations. Since these machines have succeeded traditional milling methods, it is capable of fabricating components precisely which is important in boosting profitability of one’s business.

Here are a few advantages of this particular CNC machining center that every user should know:

3 Axis CNC Milling Machine
Advantage 1: Such machining center is specifically designed to performed specific milling tasks – Basically, there are several types of CNC milling machining centers, which are horizontal and vertical milling machines. It refers to the positioning of the cutting tool – whether it perform milling operations horizontally or vertically. Other than that, larger size machines are designed to machine larger components and smaller ones vice versa.

Advantage 2: It is capable to fabricate wide spectrum of components – In most factories (or in job shops), there are several CNC milling machines that are used to fabricate components including 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers. Generally, a machine which has higher number of axes can perform detailed and precise cutting operations better than those which have lower number of axes. Therefore, 5-axis machining center can perform fast and precise milling operations far better than 4-axis machining center.

Advantage 3: Most of these machines are controlled by integrated control software – Like any other softwares, it has occasional updates (or improved versions) in order to improve the high precision machine performance on a long term basis. Therefore, machine operator need to be proficient in G-code programming and other conversational programming before they start operating the machine. Nowadays, it common to see machines which are controlled by advanced control softwares, which provides touch screen features and friendlier user interface.

Advantage 4: It is easy to track the progress of the components produced – When the components produced are not within the precision range, you can possibly modify the data or variables that you have inputted earlier, with the intention of improving the precision cutting process. Furthermore, most CNC machine tools have chip management system to reduce unnecessary wastage.

Advantage 5: It has safer milling operations than non-CNC machining centers – In most CNC milling machines, the cutting and drilling operations are carried out within enclosed area. Thus, operators are not directly exposed to the cutting tools as they are distantly using the integrated software control which is located far from the work cube.

By realizing the advantages of a CNC milling machine, it is time that you should consider having it for your business. It is definitely the best investment in improving the productivity of fabricating specific components as well as increases your business revenue.

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