Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is CNC Punching

Steel products are all from the car to your computer for grilling. The process to create a hole in the steel design to accommodate almost any metal can be related to how many completely different.

One method is called the "Milling" and in some cases, "machining" will slow down the hole in the ground by drilling steel with no difference in performance over mobile penetration only at much larger.

How to quickly create a hole in the metal known as "stamping" associated with known punch press. Punch press can quickly use the ten and twenty and fifty or five hundred tons. (Or more) of pressure to the floor of the steel press system Punch - and - death by the "punch" as the elements that protrude and "death" is a plane that has space for elements recessed outreach to seal. Elements that protrude (Usually on top) smashes into steel (such as "drilling" or "stamp" steel) with several tons of pressure I slapped the steel called shot, which usually fall into recession over die entire process. less than a second and complete metal, usually as a result. This process pump is by far the fastest way to bring a metal hole. Often very costly to create and install die punch for punch press, even the return of the system ie, the cost per piece is significantly less than the method otherwise after the installation has been created.

CNC Punching
While a stamping operation is ideal for high production work for some time million pieces do not have to work and it is not possible or logical. If you do not have high productivity, it is often difficult to justify the cost of installing pumps.

When the cost of making a stamping operation is not justifiable, the buyer can not reasonably open to a process called CNC drilling. While the strike has been designed for high production of ten thousand or more parts, CNC drilling is designed to increase the effectiveness of short-term costs associated with the amount of ten thousand pieces or less. CNC drilling is by far the fastest way to import steel hole without having to pay in advance for the fight and installation of pump died.

The word "CNC" refers to the "Computer Numerical Control", a system of using computer technology to manage effectively in a format that is very clear. In the case of CNC drilling, computer code is used to order the pump. (Similar to a punch press) to drill a hole steel While pressing, stamping can participate in the hit single, hit the drilling CNC is a part along with the hits - quickly usually storage device or drive turret feed punch and accurate. Death became the center of the punching machine. Then the machine was ordered to clear from your computer to drill one hole in a position determined by a computer program several CNC drilling machine to drill a hole in half a second or less. While a time-consuming part is not necessary to wait for the punch and die system is expensive to do.

Milling is used in case of only two or less (master) or design defects, or unsuitable for heavy metal scavenging Hammer used in cases with multiple parts to be made CNC drilling in the value of the middle part. The method you choose often depends on the number of parts that you need.

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