Thursday, April 7, 2011

CNC Drilling Machine

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Drilling is used for mass production. The drilling machine is multi-function machining center that also mills and sometimes turns. The largest time sink for CNC drilling is with tool changes, so for speed, variation of hole diameters should be minimized. The fastest machines for drilling varying whole sizes have multiple spindles in turrets with drills of varying diameters already mounted for drilling. For turret lathe no need to remove drill.

Many types of semi-automated drilling machines are also used. An example is a simple drill press which, on command, drills a hole of a set depth into a part set up beneath it.

CNC Drilling Machine
In order to be cost-effective, the appropriate type of CNC drilling machine needs to be applied to specified part geometry. For low-volume jobs, manual or semi-automated drilling may suffice. For hole patterns with large differences in sizes and high volume, a geared head is most appropriate. If holes are close to each other and high throughput is desired, a gearless head can locate spindles close together so that the hole pattern can be completed in one pass.

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