Thursday, March 31, 2011

CNC Lathes Machine

A CNC lathe is a machine that can spins material to do a variety of operations like sanding, drilling, cutting or sanding. Usually a lathe is used for more intricate cuts and Today, they replace the older multispindle lathes because they are easier to set up and operate.

In this day and age of just in time manufacturing techniques utilized by many companies, CNC lathe manufactured components are being purchased just in time for assembly and just in quantities needed for assembly. This is being done to reduce inventory carrying costs. A major consequence of lowered purchase quantities is that the production behavior of CNC lathe manufacturing shops is reduced to low volume levels. The general complaint of many CNC lathe machine shop owners is that low volume manufacturing cuts into profits in a big way since the costs of operating CNC lathes is quite high, but customers are generally unwilling to pay higher component prices.

CNC Lathes
Some CNC lathes are portable and others are stationary. In many shops for people who do woodwork for a hobby you would find a lathe because it is capable of making a lot of different designs and intricate cuts for things like stair railings, trellis’ or table legs.

Any material can be used as long as it will hold up during the turning process while the software program is continuing its revolutions. CNC lathes are best used when you want to turn out several pieces of the same size and shape and where you don’t want a lot of decoration. They do have their limitations but for the most part you can create nice pieces with this type of machine. CNC Information is a new Community website all about CNC Lathe. Stop by today to get your free ebook just for signing up to be a member of our free site. Get all of the information you need on CNC Lathe and a free CNC Ebook on the basics of CNC.

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