Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CNC Lathes

CNC Lathes Machine
Lathe is a tool that has been processed, which creates a metal cylinder and symmetry. In the first step is to use a lathe for metal But today they are used for cutting wood, plastic and other materials to cut metal or other materials such as wood, plastic, etc., material on the lathe head and the head of a turn. Cutting tool can be rotated in three dimensions is achieved accuracy of the final product.

Are certain things that need to be considered while using a CNC lathe. Rotational speed is the rpm of the head, and it can be rotated at high speed and high precision manufacturing real shape But because a small error may produce defective parts of the piece is always advisable to rotate the machine at speeds of less than This will help reduce defects. Depth of cut of the machine will determine the life of cutting tools, Deep cutting depth increases. But may wear faster tools. Therefore, it is advisable to set the depth to a value smaller than Finally, the speed of delivery of equipment also affects the quality of the final product. The high transfer speed will accelerate the processing and transmission speeds are low end products that smooth and fine.

CNC Lathes Machine
Benefits of CNC lathes that you will be able to produce in large quantities with little effort. When a program has been created will be stored and used again. You need to do much, it runs some tests and started with mass production. Because there is little human intervention at a standardized product quality problems and can be expected.

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