Monday, March 14, 2011

CNC Software General Information

CNC system software, the machine CNC - used to create the entire process within And 'commonly used as the "intelligence" that the reason the operation or performance of the entire capacity of the control unit Software design is like a cutting machine and run the program for computer operators.

CNC Software also take the form of electronic memory that is stored automatically within CNC Machine In some cases, this information can not be changed, and in others through the use of temporary memory. But may be changed.

In general, the computer is very important in the processing of CNC software because of computer control systems are often a number outside the machine on a keyboard large or small. Computer is offline when checking the operation of the programming of computer parts and other components necessary to create products based on the nature of thethe CNC in action.

CNC Program
There are four basic types of software program for CNC:.
Manual G code programming.
For many large commercial machines and are used for the processing of simple machines. The disadvantages of this type is that it takes a long time before people learn programming G code, and if you use a more complex, it's time to learn how to use. If these applications because it has a lot of players do not always learn to do thisand.

Offline programming CAM.
Type of programming can be done by the local PC and in general for large and small machines CNC Desktop software can not be used without the PC to the front - end machine this software is about. difficult to learn and take longer to understand for many people.

Programming discussion
This type of programming is a better way of softwareProgram for CNC, it will be easy, that is, c General has learned just computer user and is similar to programming in standard computer. The reason for this G has been developed to make it easier to learn and complex parts without the need to do so.

Programming Windows - based.
Many software programs now CNC Windows, which means it runs on Windows XP or Windows Vista you can import and CAMand CAD files can be imported to other software such as DXF, depending on the type of equipment.

Today, all the CNC programs with different names, such as MSHAK - CNC or ProtoTRAK OpenCNC Trak, and any way that does not duplicate them to deal with CNC control.

In addition, the target of every software program will make life easier for the operator and the computer to do what is necessary. Easy for operators to software programmers, most of machinebe use special software is used by many of the CAD and CAM systems to make it easier.

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