Sunday, October 3, 2010

CNC Machines for Metal Fabrication

CNC tool and equipment can be used in cutting and metal fabrication. Welders can use a lathe, plasma cutter, or router. Welding equipment you use should match the project you are working as well as diagrams and material requirements of the job.

For example, a lathe is to cut the brass, but did not have the strength to steel thickness, but different CNC machines are designed differently. Each has its own functions and capabilities and can work on a specific metal completely for unaquainted, CNC stands for computer numerical control. This means that the computer to do some off. This is different from the method of the invention of CNC cutting machine can work in a manner much more accurately and quickly.

There are currently several types of CNC machines used in the welding shop and metal fabrication shops around the world. Below is a list of some of the welders Fabricators CNC equipment a lot, and often used today.
Waterjet cutting machine.

Waterjet cutting machine
Water jet cutting machine capable of nesting that makes little allowance for waste materials. Have the ability to make products or re-cutting of different products to the same one or two pieces of metal. The result is an impressive and polished every time you use this device. Metal will be cut with smooth edges, clean,.
Laser cutting machine.

Another type of equipment used to build a laser CNC metal cutting machine, which is known for the accuracy and cost efficiency of Equipment to produce what is called a piece of the "shake" here. Leaving a small piece of metal that connects parts that are cut each As the use of nitrogen and oxygen, one can guarantee that all parts are smooth and professional as well as metal I do not have any slap on every project.
Plasma Cutting Machine.

This device can cut through the hot metal and the lower precision than hand what we can do. Plasma cutters are often used for large projects or metal to effect a quick short plasma cutter can be either slides or portable.

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