Saturday, October 9, 2010

CNC Control Computer

General computer controls in a shop near the CNC machine to control a computer is not necessarily the top of the line, Bell whistle all these workhorses of the computer save your money for a well-designed computer. You'll save more time with your computer quickly design.

Computer control is not possible to have good performance with just a few reasons. It is not the task will take G - Code and change it to transmit signals to the controller open the G - code as a signal for a computer that is not labor-intensive.

I have used many types of computer controls everything from a 486 DOS using the "$ 30 special" to a modern Dell with Windows XP and Vista, I did not try I will keep you posted. In general, I like to find a computer that is good for the couple hundred bucks, wipe the hard drive and just load the software to control machines. How do you know that what you have.

CNC Control
Another good reason is that you do not want to spend a lot of money here is. This computer is usually located in stores. Dirt will be located in your store. Using logic here, dirt will be located on your computer. If the computer does not flatulent, you will not leave your children's college tuition.

This is my strategy for the control of the computer short dirtier jobs, less money I spend on the computer. Plasma cutter I will buy in the $ 40 they eat a lot of dust and dirt. I often blow them out. Wood my computer in the routing of dollars $ 100 computer bite, I tend to be between $ 200 and actually be telling them all before a very long time if you keep dirt, dust and smoke, Wed. Plasma from them.

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