Friday, October 8, 2010

Coolant control in CNC machining

Machinery CNC currently quite common in the operation of production anywhere in the high production volume and high production components as well as production of complex small, some may have a geometric complex. and more sophisticated features. During the manufacture of such processes Machining CNC, engineering and manufacturing are likely to focus closely on the importance of the programming section, select Tools, and control of wear, the control path. To avoid the problems, CNC, the parameters most important of feed and speed of machines and other properly, and as such, because one of the parameters listed all before this is very important to. parts with consistently high quality.

Coolant control on cnc machine
But there is one parameter that is important because it can hardly control the cooling water in the implementation of the CNC machine. It is easy and fair to be visible from the common cold will not change after you install all the parts. In addition, manufacturing engineers tend to be assigned to the thermal management of maintenance personnel. However, as you will notice in the following controlled cooling is important not only appropriate. But only for the quality part. But will also affect the bottom line cost of production.

One of the characteristics of quality control of parts can be machined surface finish generated Poor quality of surface water cooling in low-quality finishes. This is because the heat generated in machining is not carried out easily on the lathe and machine tools. Cooling water or used coolant that has lost its strength to cold can cause damage to the quality. In addition, low quality of cooling water may cause deterioration prior to the expiration of the insertion machine, and they must be changed frequently to maintain sharp edges on the use of machinery. Change the insert is costly both from the perspective of costs and machine down time inserted between changes in insertion. Low-quality heat can cause a practice to be destroyed when drilling deep holes. This becomes a real problem if the amount of expensive parts, because right now the damage drilling will have to be removed and then returned to operation. This will increase costs significantly part Thus it is important to ensure that the quality of cooling water will still be correct in the production of parts with an acceptable level of surface finish and to ensure longevity of working life in order to reduce cost. spent part

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