Friday, January 21, 2011

Small CNC Milling Machine

Small CNC Milling Machine
Mini CNC milling
machines are pretty close to their grown up counterparts except on a much smaller level. The mini milling machines are pretty much designed off of their manual milling machine relatives but incorporate the Computer numeric controlled technology and robotic technology.

The mini mills are great for small projects such as model making. These machines are designed to handle smaller projects that are more of a one run deal, although you can use the computer program to run the plans as much as you want while still maintaining the same precision that will meet the projects expectations.

Mini CNC Milling Machine
The mini CNC milling machines are designed to stand up to long term use as well, just like the bigger machines. Basically, the only difference is the size and the size of the projects that these machines can handle. They are usually desktop or tabletop machines that can be easily moved if needed. The rpm factor on these machines is of course a lot slower than the larger machines; however, some of them can still incorporate 10,000 rpm for your project.

This type of computer controlled machines used to be generally out of reach for most of the small shop owners and hobbyists. A larger scale machine can cost anywhere between $10,000 dollars and upwards of a few hundred thousand dollars. This was just way too expensive for any small shop or individual to purchase. Then a few people started using their knowledge of machinery, computers, circuitry, etc to develop smaller homemade versions of the CNC machines. Now, CNC machines are available for purchase from many manufacturers in a variety of different sizes, including Mini CNC machines.

You can either purchase one of the mini CNC milling machines, but plan on spending a few hundred dollars to several thousand. If you do not have the extra money in your budget to purchase a brand new machine, you can find used versions of the mini CNC milling machines. There are also other options that you can consider. To begin with you could make your own or even purchase a kit where you put the machine together yourself. The kits will contain all of the necessary parts that you need in order to complete the project including, the motor, instructions and all bracketry.

Building your own could be an even cheaper way of acquiring a mini CNC milling machine. If you already have its manual counterpart, with the purchase of some parts which you can find on sale from manufacturers, you can build your own. It may take some time and is not as convenient as buying one that is ready to go; however, you will save money and feel a sense of accomplishment in the end. You will definitely have something to brag about.

The mini CNC milling machine can be a great addition to any shop and will help cut your time down by quite a bit compared to having to do it the manual way. You will not go wrong by investing in a machine like this.

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