Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NC Machine Method

These methods are known as a procedure for NC. The program is part of the machining process competently and also has the program was designed for the numerical control. It is the position of his to plan the sequence of steps that are performed for the treatment of NC, and recorded in a special format.

There are two ways to program the CNC control

- Manual Part Programming
- Computer Aided Programming

NC Machine
With manual programming, the instructions for editing a document prepared as a manuscript of the part program. Basically, the manuscripts, a list of Whiting cutting tool and the positions of the workpiece should be the order followed by the machine to the workpiece. A paper tape was prepared directly from the script programmers.

The last step in the process of NC is on the tape of NC in the use of production. This includes the appointment of raw materials, job reporting and the preparation of tools and devices that require special equipment needed, and the NC machine tool for the job. The machine tool operator function during production of the rough part is loaded into the machine and create the initial position of the cutting tool with respect to the workpiece. The NC machine then takes over the controls and the rest of the operation. When the process completes, the operation that removed part of the machine and load the new part.

Definition of coordinate systems and vectors
Coordinate system and the movements of the machine
For the programmers, the sequence of postures and movements of the plan of cutting tool with respect to the workpiece, it needs to be specified to create a standard systemby axis relative position. With a mock NC as an example, the drilling shaft is fixed in an upright position and the table moves and controlled in terms of spiindle. However, to make things easier for the programmer, we take the view that the piece is stationary, while the drill is moving towards him. According to the coordinate system of axes has been established with respect to the machine table. Two axes are defined as shown in Fig.

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